Tuesday, September 21, 2010

LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Artwork Poll

What are your three favorite pieces of art from the box set?


  1. 1. Dean Clayton (adventurers - referee book p.31) I hadn't seen his work before. I enjoyed it a great deal.

    2. Cynthia Sheppard (cover with boobs) - she is just that good of an artist. An iconic cover.

    3. Magic User (AOS) rules p.9 - captures the spirit of the dark and dangerous text beautifully.

    Had you thought about using Russ Nicholson at all? He seems to be doing little things vaguely OSR related at the moment.

  2. ...cover of the box, cover of The Tower of the Stargazer, and the house on page 39 of the rules.

  3. Referee back cover

    Rules page 12

    Magic back cover

  4. The ruined temple (pg 12 of the Rule Book).

    The duellers (pg 45 of the Rule Book).

    Magic - the cover!

    I think I'm the odd one out here because I'm not really a fan of the interior art pieces at all, I find them to be heavy on style and light on substance. For instance, the feathered duellers on page 41 certainly conveys movement but as an illustration of two characters fighting, it does nothing for me. Oh well, what do I know?

  5. The cover of the box itself.

    Ruins on page 12 of the Rules booklet.

    Elves on page 12 of Weird New World.

  6. The main cover piece. (shocking I'm sure)

    Ruins in the rulebook.

    The group shot near the beginning of the referee book.

  7. Cover of Tower of the Stargazer by Mullen. Dean's man with smoking eyes on Referee's book p. 35, and graveyard on Magic book p. 11.

    Not really a fan of Jalo's art. Her perspective and anatomy are too much off for my tastes.

    And still a bit bummed about my likeness not ending up being used for Iri-Khan. ;)

  8. I vote for the doomed adventurer from the the Rules book p91. The things on p8 of the Magic book. and the cover of the Tutorial (I love that homunculus).

    I would have picked the cavern camp site from Hammers of the Gods over the Tutorial cover but that wasn't part of the box...

  9. I liked the halfling with the HUUGE cod piece.. changed my life.

  10. Box cover, Tutorial p.2 & p. 51.

    With the caveat that I’m having to keep my eyes out of the adventure & setting books.

  11. Tutorial p.51

    Referee p.35

    Weird New World p.12

  12. Box cover by Cynthia Shepperd

    Tower of the Stargazer cover by Peter Mullen

    Wilderness ruins (Rules, p.12) by Ernie Chan

  13. In order of preference:

    1) the cover of the box.

    2) the very creepy book on page 3 of TotS

    3) the cover of the tutorial.

  14. Hands down my #1 piece is the cover. It's not only my favorite piece of fantasy art in the box, it's my favorite piece of fantasy art of the year!

    After that, I'd go with:

    * The crazed cleric on page 4 of the Rulebook
    * The horned elves on page 13 of Weird New World

    ...with honorable mention to the gaming table on page 2 of the tutorial for its adorable scrappiness.

  15. @ Dungeoneer Dave

    You just made my day!

  16. I forgot to say in my previous post that I strongly advocate for making an art print of the cover painting available! I think those would sell like hot cakes!

  17. Nobody likes Wizard vs Tripods? I'm a sad panda. :(