Tuesday, December 1, 2009

LotFP Interviewed on All Games Considered Podcast

The 2009 Parsec Award Finalist and 2009 Gold ENnie winner for Best Podcast, All Games Considered, interviews me for their 119th episode.

Listen to it here!


  1. Entertaining interview. Thanks for the League of Gentlemen tip.

  2. Yes, really great interview! My early gaming history parallels much of yours, except mine all took place on the west coast.

    In related news, could you possibly direct me (or re-post the link) to that podcast interview you did around the time of DEATH FROST DOOM's release? I have been sifting through your old posts but cannot find it.

  3. I was interviewed on RPG Circus in October, that's here. Nothing last summer when DFD came out.

  4. THANKS, sorry for the confusion, I must be a bit off on your publishing chronology. Dates in general bedevil me.

    Also, nice comments (on the All Games Considered 'cast) on horror films. Re: BLAIR WITCH -- I had a similar (very frightening) first-viewing experience with that film as well. And I am a fan of I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE -- but am quite disturbed by it, and am careful about who I lend my DVD copy to.