Monday, November 30, 2009

Official Press Release for The Grinding Gear

New Release: The Grinding Gear

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Finland: Arkkikivi
France: Ludikbazar
Germany: Sphärenmeisters Spiele
North America: Noble Knight Games
UK: Leisure Games
Worldwide: LotFP Webstore

Also available in PDF from Your Games Now and RPGNow

LotFP: RPG releases are designed to be played with old-school fantasy games, most notably Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry,and OSRIC; see the full list of directly-compatible games here.

The Grinding Gear

If this adventure does not drain every drop of your blood, then it will disintegrate you. If it does not disintegrate you, it will electrocute you. If it does not electrocute you, it will starve you. If it does not starve you, it still will defeat you in a battle of wits.

You very well may survive.

But only the best will win the treasure!

If you think you're ready, if you've got the guts, tell your group's referee that you want to test yourself against THE GRINDING GEAR. Then you can answer the question:

Are You Good Enough?

The Grinding Gear presents a self-contained adventure setting consisting of an abandoned inn and the dungeon below it. It includes over 50 detailed locations, three referee maps, a player handout, plus referee notes and "designer notes" that tie everything together.

The print version is a sixteen page adventure booklet surrounded by three detached glossy heavy-stock covers featuring maps, artwork, and the player handout.

The PDF version comes with both A4 (36 pages including all notes and maps) and Letter-sized (37 pages) formats, laid out specifically for the PDF format and fully bookmarked.

Challenging. Cruel. Rewarding.

The Grinding Gear.

For low-level characters.

Adventure by James Edward Raggi IV

Artwork by Laura Jalo

Cartography by Ramsey Dow

Some advance reviews are in!

"Another absolute gem" - Jeff Rients

"As old school as it gets" - Von der Seifenkiste herab...

"So here we have a product that is what it says on the tin: a low-level one-shot puzzle dungeon that tests the player's dungeoneering skills." - Playing D&D with Porn Stars

"Looks so pro we might as well start calling Jim a sellout"

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