Friday, December 4, 2009

OgreCave reviews The Grinding Gear!

That's here. I haven't read it yet. Eek!

Save vs Poison has a few preliminary thoughts about the adventure here.

And it's at #3 at Noble Knight... and Death Frost Doom is back up to #4. That adventure keeps on going and going and going... :)


  1. Little Tomb of Horrors....hehehehe.

    A good and fair review. Based on this, if I was running the sort of group that could cope with GG, I'd get it. But I'm not. Alas.

  2. That IS a great review despite GG being the reviewer's "least favorite" LotFP offering. But it annoys me that he reads it but doesn't seem at all interested in playing it, and least not in an older edition way.

    But hey, it's YOUR book Jimbo...guess MY annoyance shouldn't matter that much!

  3. Overall it was a very positive review. The review alone (and it is the only review I have read for Grinding Gear) I am going to buy it, even if I never get to run it. You should read the review, James.
    I also am going to pick up Death Frost Doom...sounds great.
    Oh, and I read the German review the other day, it was kind in the middle, but I do not think that the reviewer understood what you were going for in the module. I am not all that sure he understands the whole OSR thing at all. Hel, the Germans are probably still playing Kult and WoD. heh.

  4. I did read the review after posting the link!

    I hope that lots of people not into the OSR thing get my stuff (and a good number of others' as well!). As far as I'm concerned, I'm not releasing things for a niche (but of course I'm sort of biased into thinking the way I play is the normal way to play...). I *want* Joe Gamer to pick this stuff up, and not just for the sales. It'll do people good to have a wide variety of scenarios and styles within the same campaign.

    Then again, really, I consider everything I've done since 2006 to be part of the same campaign, even across multiple groups and systems. Yes, my HERO game that lasted a few months in 2007 was part of the same milieu as my D&D and BFRPG games before and after.

    (the couple of times I ran Dogs in the Vineyard weren't part of the overall campaign, but I guess they could have taken place there... but no connections in-game)

    Now this isn't perfect, as I've run a few of the same scenarios twice for groups in different towns, but what can you do. :)

    I have noticed people remarking that GG has a different atmosphere than the previous work. I think that's great... I think variety will help in the long run.