Friday, December 25, 2009

LotFP Customer Survey: Three Questions!

Grinding Gear style heavy stock maps or No Dignity in Death style pull-out section?

The printing in the booklets... is it fine, or should it be bigger?

The monster stats... do you like the format? If not, what should it be?

The answers to the first two questions directly affect the cost of a product. The third is purely a preference issue.

And Merry Holidays to you...


  1. Pull out section.

    Fine as is.

    Like the format.

  2. I'm a PDF guy these days, so only the font size is really relevant to me. I'm happy with it as it is -- I wouldn't particularly mind if it went bigger, but smaller than 12pt shrinks it too far for comfort when shrinking and printing to booklet from Acrobat.

  3. grinding gear


    i like how efficient they are.

    -Zak using Mandy's g-mail account

  4. 1. cardstock/grinding gear

    2. fine as is--in fact it could be a bit smaller and still be okay (and I have _really_ bad eyes)

    3. format of stats doesn't matter; _presence_ of stats doesn't even matter

  5. I'm another pdf customer and appreciate the printer-friendly maps in both products. Don't mind what format the maps are in as I'll happily rearrange the page order when printing.

    I printed DFD as a booklet and found the font a bit smaller than I would've liked. Printed the others A4 and was happy.

    The monster stats are great.

  6. I like the cardstock maps for sure! I've never been a fan of pullout anything. The font size is fine, if a little small. Minimal stats are, as always, a blessing. Great stuff, Jim!

  7. 1. I don't have Three Brides (yet) but I did like the card stock maps in Grinding Gear

    2. Fine as it is.

    3. Also fine as it is, especially since there might be slight variations in stats and AC scales depending on what rule set you're using.

  8. Merry Christmas, my friend!

    Semper Fidelis,


  9. I will always vote for heavy duty maps over any pullout section.