Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Insect Shrine Playtest: 9th and Final Session

When I got the group together, it was supposed to be short-term. I thought it would be 3-4 sessions to go through the entire adventure.

But, alas, this thing is huge.

I didn't even focus on the role-playing at the base of operations in the module, which is the first chunk of the adventure but mostly character interaction and possible hooks for outside-the-module play.

The end of this session saw them defeat the goblin menace, chasing them from the surface. But it had to end there, as there wasn't much chance to storm the actual stronghold, and they'd already used the secret back entrance for an earlier raid so that really wasn't an option again.

All in all I think it was a success, with the playtesting more showing where I need to fill in blanks more than needing to change anything actually there.

I will probably need to convene a Skype group to do a hopefully quick run-though of the actual goblin fortress, and I'll do that sometime in January. Something tells me this is a bad time of year to try to get something like that together. ;)

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