Monday, December 14, 2009

Tenkar's Tavern reviews The Grinding Gear

Right here.

One interesting note is GG is said to be "extremely well laid out if you want to read it on the Kindle DX," which is something I've been curious about since I've never even seen an ebook reader, and can't find good information on how to format specifically for that sort of thing. I guess this is a good sign. :)

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  1. For the most part a simple layout is best for the DX. When it comes to products with glitzy page layouts that look great on a printed page they tend to be an eyesore on the DX.

    All that being said, the DX's advantage (and curse) it that is displays PDFs in their native format. I'll have to upload to one of the smaller screen (non-Kindle) readers I have to see how it works with PDF reflow, which can be a bitch to PDFs with embedded charts and artwork.

    In any case, great piece of work.