Friday, December 11, 2009

"We're Gonna Need a Bigger... Ink Cartridge"

This is a photo, not a scan, of one of the art pieces (by Laura Jalo) for Hammers of the God.

Illustrations of adventurers in their little sanctuaries of light in the midst of huge caverns... yeah, there's going to be a lot of black.

The front and back covers look... trippy. But since I have not seen anything but color-warping photos of the art, I shan't post them yet.


  1. I just love those type of illustrations that portray the "exploration" part of dungeoneering.

    If you've ever gone spelunking, it's a very trippy experience travelling with the earth's massive weight as a constant companion, and then when you break out into some cavern where you can't see the walls right away you feel immediately "exposed". I'd bet it's 10x as spooky knowing that there are things out there in that inky black, hungry for your bones. Spooky stuff.

  2. I like it...very creepy and atmospheric.

  3. That's a great illustration. It reminds me of one of my favorite illustrations from a TSR module: In D2 the little illustration of the party and the insane kuo-toa ferryman, the PCs' torches barely keeping back the dark.

  4. I prefer my caverns huge and I love the sense of scale she captured. The figures remind me of far away skaters in an old Breughel.

  5. You just sold me.

    I'm slowly grinding my way down my megadungeon so that I can get to the bottom levels, where I have a giant set-piece with a very large empty space, so I have an excuse to do a giant 3D battle with aerial opponents and opponents with ranged weapons on the balconies as the capstone of the module.


  6. I take it Hammers of the God is the new title for The Old Miner's Shame?