Saturday, December 5, 2009

The League of Gentlemen

Since I keep getting reminded that people just don't know this show... here are a few clips from the BBC's Youtube channel that give the idea of where they are coming from, and how I put Pembrooktonshire together.

Edward and Tubbs:

Dr. Chinnery:

... and the Dentons:


  1. I want to know if Papa Lazarou puts an appearance in - I'll probably buy it at some point if theres some Royston Vasey influences there

  2. The influence is that there is this isolated town where everyone has something odd about them. I throw in a ton of references to various fictional characters, but none directly off of League of Gentlemen since the idea of the town itself was inspired by the show (I want to spread that sort of thing out...).

  3. Sounds good to me - a lot of the interest for me at any rate is its isolated and full of "odd" folk - my kind of product.
    I think it'll be added to my collection fairly soon now.Cheers!

  4. "this isolated town where everyone has something odd about them."

    Hey, I live there!

  5. That show is seriously weird if those clips are anything to go by.

    I wonder if I dare read about Pembrooktonshire.