Friday, July 3, 2009

Old Geezer Brings Down the Hammer...

... he's good at that. Remind me to stay out of his reach. :D

The quote from here about this.

Okay, so Skip Williams finally admits he was one of the 13 year old kids who kept getting his character killed by Gary and Rob because he had his head up his ass.

Note the comment about "aribitrary and capricious GMs." Good GMs aren't, and neither Gary nor Rob ever were.

About 1974 there was a sudden influx of younger high school age kids into Gary's mostly-adult game. We are still seeing the aftereffects.

Also, I was Skip Williams' patrol leader in Boy Scouts too.


  1. That's really interesting. The guiding principal behind 3e was basically protecting Skip's characters from getting killed in Gary and Rob's campaign. :)

  2. I think you're misreading the interview. He's referring to why people called in asking for answers to questions, explaining that they did so because they needed the answers so they could be in control of their characters.

    I don't, at all, get that Skip had his head up his ass from that answer.

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