Friday, July 31, 2009

More Ropecon Notes

From the man in charge of setting up the gaming at Ropecon:

Amusingly, not only will there be way more D&D 3.5 games running at Ropecon than 4E games – we’ll also have more AD&D 1E games, and possibly an equal or greater amount of 3.0 games.

One of my regular players said he might be running a Mentzer Castle Zagyg game as well, but I'm not sure if he 's carrying through with that.

And next month I'm going to see a festival with Agent Steel, Voivod, Atheist, Asphyx, Death Angel, Rage, Artillery, Whiplash, and so much more playing...

I love this country.


  1. At the con I went to recently, most of the games were actually AD&D2 or D&D 3.5... the only other game was my Cyclopedic romp.

  2. Jim, you'll have no idea who I am, but I remember you from way back on the Metal Maniacs board, among other places, and of course from your extensive early Opeth interviews.

    I just have to ask...did you move to Finland just for the metal?

  3. No. I've seen that in a few places, but no.

    I came here to get married. Stayed for the women. :D