Thursday, July 23, 2009

LotFP RPG PDFs Now Available at RPGNow!

Clicky clicky here here. Death Frost Doom and Green Devil Faces #1 and #2 are there.

Yes, I'm aware they have my company name rather... truncated. I've notified them about it.

And now let's do some editorializing and see if we can't get a few annoyed responses and maybe clear up a nagging question I have.

I understand why a lot of publishers around the "Old School Renaissance" use Lulu for their print items.

But why are people sticking exclusively with Lulu for their PDFs? Especially the people charging money for them?

I don't for a minute believe that I can get on a couple of PDF vendor sites but Fight On! can't. Mythmere Games has one of the S&W core books up on RPGNow, but not the excellent Eldritch Weirdness material? Or the should-be-iconic Spire of Iron and Crystal? Or Knockspell?

Ignoring any money this is losing for the publishers (and for those two I'm guessing that's a worthwhile sum), I thought the name of the game was outreach and visibility? I mention these two publishers specifically because of their otherwise impressive efforts to spread the word and raise awareness of the traditional games and values.

So what's up?


  1. Wait... you can put up free PDFs on RPGNow? So I could put SW QS and my ref screens there? Srsly?

  2. There are plenty of free PDFs there. You do have to be approved to get on the site though, and I don't know how they feel about being used just to distribute free stuff.

    Go for it. Worst they can say is no, and you're already not on there so it's hardly a big deal. :)

  3. Contacted. I had no idea. It's worth a shot anyway, just to get THM Games on board there and possibly get an outlet.

  4. Lulu is the devil -- and not the cool green faced kind either.

  5. Ye Olde Games now has the Quick Start on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow.