Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Death Frost Doom sold out at Noble Knight!

Still available directly from me or in pdf from Your Games Now though.


  1. {voice="net whiner"}
    You couldn't send enough to last until I got paid next week...first job after unemployment and I'm buying your module and you let it sell out.

    I guess congratulations are in order. On a more serious note, will Noble Knight be restocking? I'm really not into shipping from Finland and will probably go with the PDF otherwise.

  2. I could only send as many as they wanted to order. :)

    The best way to convince Noble Knight to restock is to ask them when they will be getting more copies... to let them know there's still demand.

    Then, the important thing, once they do restock, buy them, we don't all feel stupid for listening to customer demand.

    Last time, it took the shipment from here to there about 10 days, so even if they reorder today, we're looking at a little bit of time before they'll be back in stock.

  3. I want a print copy, dammit, not pdf!

    (I have to read off computers enough as it is...and I need my printer ink for character sheets!)

  4. There is no need to fear the Finnish post. ;)

  5. Congratulations!

    Now comes the hard part . . . following up with something just as good or even better.

  6. By the weekend I should have the last two pieces of artwork for No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides, and then that one is finished.

    However, I am attempting to finish "People of Pembrooktonshire," an optional separate add-on for that adventure. I don't want to release it afterwards, since after-the-fact modification of stuff you might have already bought is BS, so it might be a couple weeks yet for the pair of them.