Thursday, July 23, 2009

No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides Artwork and Status Report!

Maria has already taken the red pen to NDiD and corrections have been made. She caught a couple of embarrassing textual contradictions that I'm glad didn't see print. Those things are worse than typos! The corrected text is now on her desk again for another go-through.

The artwork is all finished! Here is a digital camera shot of the last thing to be completed: Pembrooktonshire itself. I'll be picking up these last six pieces of artwork tomorrow and getting them scanned in.

This should be 100% wrapped up, including layouts, sometime Saturday.

But that's not a wrap. I am currently writing a companion piece to No Dignity in Death called People of Pembrooktonshire. It's a completely optional, all-"fluff" expansion/supplement/setting giving details about 137 citizens of the town plus adding general setting details. Again, it is completely optional, as only one of those 137 appears in the adventure proper. Without PoP, No Dignity in Death takes place in an isolated, backwater town. Using PoP in its entirety, NDiD takes place in a bizarre, hellish alternate reality where nothing is normal. The degree to which a referee uses PoP is entirely up to him (with only a very few exceptions the 137 are stand-alone characters), and it can also be used as a general weird NPC sourcebook for any setting.

I estimate that to take another couple of weeks to finish, plus whatever time it takes to have it proofread and laid out. There will only be one piece of artwork for it, which will be a "wraparound" cover.

When this is done, it will be released alongside No Dignity in Death. I know won't be nearly as big a deal (I think there was a slight farting noise from the otherwise silent gallery when I was posting bits from People of PembrooktonshirePoP on the blog), but NDiD won't feel complete to me without it, yet it really is unnecessary for the adventure so it needs to be separate, and it would be really lame for those that are interested to release PoP later on because modifications and alterations to a setting in an already-released product are FUCKING LAME. So bear with me.

Well, maybe you'll instead throw vegetables at me for it as Noble Knight has indicated that due to the per-unit costs of smaller shipments, they'll be restocking Death Frost Doom at the same time this stuff is ready, so it'll be around a month's wait before they have it again. Sorry...

In other good news, half of the art debt for Insect Shrine has been paid off. That will 100% for sure be the next project to be tackled. Thanks for all the interest so far in Death Frost Doom, as it has been very encouraging.

And maybe someday I can get the website looking tight as well. :P


  1. I thought your People of Pembrooktonshire postings were pretty cool, actually. I liked the idea of bizarre story hooks for whole bunch of random townspeople enough that I stole it outright for my home campaign - any NPC I've named in my Castles and Crusades game is about 50% likely to have one.

    It'll probably be months before the players dig any of them up, but I can't wait to see their reactions when they do.

  2. I quite enjoyed those as well.