Monday, July 13, 2009

Green Devil Face Update + More

Green Devil Face #3 submissions take up about 15 pages. That's lighter pagecount than I'd like to release (20 or 24 pages would be better), and I'm rather determined to keep this a "community" project as I work on my own projects. At the same time, I do realize I am asking for people to submit something for nothing (getting a copy of your own work really isn't "something," it's the barest absolute minimum) and there are already more established outlets (Fight On! and Knockspell) for people submitting things.

So let's give GDF submissions two more weeks, and I'll go ahead and also make a contest out of it. One random submission will win a copy of the upcoming No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides, and of course those that have already submitted will be eligible for this as well.

Traps, tricks, or otherwise interesting features that can be dropped directly into a referee's game are what goes into an issue of Green Devil Face. Previous submissions have ranged from quite extensive multi-page writeups to simple ideas with a clever hook. Remember that the classic Green Devil Face was a trap in plain sight, the sort of thing that dares adventurers to fiddle with it. Not all submissions need be that deadly, or even harmful, of course...

No Dignity in Death is one map and three pieces of artwork and layout away from being 100% done. I'd done a preliminary layout and saw that I needed five more pieces of art to fill the holes, and two were finished last week. I'm crossing my fingers that the remaining three are done this week, and that'll be a wrap. It will be forty pages (including eight an eight page pull-out section of maps and player handouts) plus covers.

All of my business paperwork has been submitted (there always seemed to be more forms to fill out and one more appointment to make), and I should get the decision about the start-up grant this week. As soon as this happens I'll have Death Frost Doom and Green Devil Face #1 and #2 on sale, with GDF pdfs being available immediately on Your Games Now and DFD available a week later so pdf buyers don't receive their products (happens instantly) before first-day print buyers do. Because I am getting some outside distribution (with much more to come, I hope!), I'm not going to be able to offer free pdfs with print purchases, as there is no way to arrange the delivery of that for those that buy with outside vendors and to offer it for direct orders would mean that people that buy it elsewhere get shafted.

I'm not supposed to have started business activity before this decision, but they know I've been arranging distribution and publicity during this time, so hopefully arranging future content is OK as well. :P

If you're one of the Insect Shrine people, you should have received an email from me yesterday. Contact me if you didn't.


  1. Come on, people! You know you want to submit something!