Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Can't Say "The Grognardia Blog"

In casual conversation, when trying to talk about Grognardia, I don't assume everyone I talk to knows what Grognardia is plugged in to the online scene. But most everyone knows what a blog is these days.

So I'll reference something talked about on Grognardia, calling it "the Grognardia blog."

... except it never comes out that way.

"The Grognardia blarg," is invariably how I say it.

I hereby petition Maliszewski to officially change the name of his blog to "Grognardia Blarg" in order to accomodate my speech impediment.


  1. Your post made say it out loud in the office to see if I could say it correctly. It came out "blarg" and everyone looked at me and asked, "what?"

  2. I support this! (I've never tried to say Grognardia Blog out loud, so I don't know what would happen. I do like the word blarg).

  3. I am fan of "blag" myself, after the XKCD naming conventions.

  4. Well, screw the second word, is it pronouned "Grow-nar-jah" or "Grog-nard-ee-yah" ?


  5. I figured you were too metal for casual conversations.