Thursday, January 29, 2009

Religious Whacko Attacking D&D


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D&D content begins four minutes in.

So if a person is this wrong when it comes to facts, how can their conclusions be trusted? If they are this wrong about something we know so much about, how wrong are they concerning all that other stuff they talk about that we don't know so much about?

(watching the whole series, this looks to be from 1993)

(note that I use "whacko" very specifically in this case; check her admonitions against karate here)


  1. Ah, I love reading/watching this stuff. I find it hilarious people take crap like this seriously.

    Bummer, the Name/URL option is gone for commenting...

  2. Good ol' early 90s. Back when the last few spasms of the Satanic Panic were still going after D&D. Was B.A.D.D. still active then? I wonder if this woman's still around? Probably going after Harry Potter books these days...

  3. Well... Those people are just twisted. I once stumbled unpon this article:
    The guy is obviously not an idiot and has documented himself, but his conclusions show that he simply doesn't live in the same world as I do. I wonder how long those people spend trying to find ways to twist the facts and make them say what they want.

  4. Where can I get these 21 sided dice of which she speaks??? WANT!!

  5. Holy freaking crap! Now I know where Saturday Night Live got the idea for the "Church Lady" character played so well by Dana Carvey.

    "Well...isn't that special!"

    "Could it be.... SATAN?"

    Thanks for sharing. Sometimes I have to be reminded one more time of why I quit paying attention to TV preachers.

  6. Just in case there are people who don't know the real facts about "the D&D kid who went into the steam tunnels and killed himself" I'll post this link: