Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Play

It wasn't quite an all-nighter, but the first session of The Olden Domain was a nice, small affair, struggling to remember that the rules I'm using here aren't the same that I've been using... ay ay ay those Chainmail initiative rules. :D

The Olden Domain's involvement so far now: 4 people from 4 different countries (including me; the referee counts!). One of the people in the pic is in my regular Sunday group, the other two I met for the first time tonight.

This whole photo-of-the-group thing came up during the last TARGA conference call (can you believe such a thing would have me as a superhypersecretpowerful innercabalcircle member?). We out here in the blogosphere (now that's a Pauly Shore movie I'd pay to see) and forumlands aren't just bitching and moaning and ranting and drawing lines in the sand and braying like a mule about these ancient game fossils.

Well, actually, we aren't. I think it's just me.

Point is, this isn't an internet phenomenon. We're playing these games in real life with actual people who are not also blogging and posting on the forums and being involved in the scene.

And at my house, we're also baking for them.

So I encourage you to snap a pic of your group during a game, and say to everyone, "I play!"


  1. I really like the look of the table that you play at. The light wood brightens up the play space nicely.

  2. RE: light wood table.

    Judging from the other pics of your new pad and workspace, all the furniture looks to be right out of an IKEA catalog. I should know, I have a few cabinets and a huge desk from there. :)

  3. Not all (not the couch that was seen in some earlier pics), but that table and my desk (and rolling cart and tray), yeah.

    And my bookcases and CD shelves (but those haven't been pictured).

    IKEA is the coolest restaurant (fifty cent hot dogs and ice cream!) with a furniture shop attached... EVER!

    I just wish us players weren't railroaded through the scenario when we know exactly what we're going into that dungeon to loot.

  4. Cool, I plan to snap a picture during my Basement of Doom game with my local group this Saturday. I will post it to my blog when I do.

  5. I very nearly took a picture of the table setup for my last game. Must be something in the air...

  6. I always felt that after negotiating the proverbial maze that is IKEA, that I should be awarded some cheese. But I'll just as gladly take some of their cinnamon rolls...

  7. I'm not equipped for digital photography, but the last OD&D session I ran was at a house with Classical style statuary in the back yard. The view from the kitchen table at which we played was thereby unusually inspiring.