Thursday, January 22, 2009

Anyone Know German?

I'm talked about here. I suspect it's not positively, but how would I know? But I'd like to find out!

Today is "prepare for tomorrow's Olden Domain game (a haunted castle, including a 6-story inner keep), and prepare for Sunday's game if I have time," day.

"Haunted by what?" you ask. I asked that too this morning. I had no idea. So I asked the girlfriend. "What should this thing be haunted by?" And now I have no idea how to implement the haunting of that. Dammit.

Regular blog content on... Saturday? The next big update should be the next Role-Playing Mastery bit.

This is officially the most productive month I've had, blog-postingwise, since starting. Yay me!

err... pictures of snow in Finland taken from my balcony at about 5:45pm Thursday afternoon!


One of my players has created this, inspired by last week's Olden Domain game!


  1. Hooray for countries that get snow. (Like here in Northwest Pennsylvania, USA)

    We had a little melting yesterday. If we have more than a foot of snow this cause various issue. My street hugs the slope of a large hill and at various locations the half melted snow will flow into a stream of solid ice.

    The result is are slabs of ices ranging from 300 mils to 600 mils in thickness that have to be ripped up by heavy plows sent by the street department.

    On the way home from work the side of my road looked like a war zone with shattered slabs of ice thrown into the bank. Just glad they missed my mailbox.

  2. Two things(roughly):

    - They find it amusing that you are writing something like
    "Worse than the morality police that take offense at fictional atrocities (which don't really happen) against people (that don't really exist) are those who seek to "protect" our hobby by trying to kill anything that might be noticed by outsiders. [...]
    Those who seek to imprison our minds and define "good thoughts" and "bad thoughts" should be ignored in our daily lives, defied in our imaginations, and fiercely fought, in real life by real means, whenever they seek to limit us."

    because they think that you often do the same thing (ind the context of RPGs)...
    - Settembrini agrees then with your post

  3. >>because they think that you often do the same thing (ind the context of RPGs)

    I don't suppose I have to mention here that I think there's a big difference between...

    "ah these dumb shits they're doing it wrong rant rant AAGGHHH!"


    "That is a horrible thing and the author is morally corrupt and should be arrested and anyone who buys, reads, or supports the effort is a sick person who shouldn't be allowed around children."


    >>- Settembrini agrees then with your post

    Scary. :D

  4. Well, Jim, I agree with you.

    I was forced to have this convoluted argument, because someone tried to invalidate another rant of mine on would-be-novelists and storytellers with a citation of you.

    And I thought this to be highly ironic.

    My actual rant was concerned with the old-school-community, btw. My main point was that I´m against self-ghettoization into some folkloristic corner.

    "We were here first, this land is our land. Ever was, ever will be. We shan´t go to a reservation to dance for the tourists or lend names to all-invader sports-teams/4e supplements."