Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Play

Finished up another game a couple of hours ago.

The Olden Domain's involvement so far now: 8 people from 4 different countries (including me; the referee counts!).

This was also my friend Oona's (far right) first ever role-playing session. If someone's going to complain to me that they are bored and have nothing to do on game day... well... I get them in the game!

And this group is the most treasure-phobic bunch I've ever seen. There is treasure in these dungeons, I swear! But the two players that have participated in all three Olden Domain sessions have less than 300gp each, total, to show for it. Maybe next time they'll find the real hauls...

I run for my other campaign on Sunday, but it's back at The Dungeon so no in-session pics, unfortunately...

Also, I got a fun little package in the mail today...

I can has author copies! It's a good feeling to make something yourself and hold it in your hand, and it's another good feeling to hold something in your hand that you made that someone else financed. With the Creature Generator, I got to have both experiences. I've inquired to Goodman Games as to what would be fair play as far as what I can do with them, but I'll tell you right now one of my ideas involves the word "contest." We'll see, stay tuned, and keep making crazy monsters to befuddle your players. Like tonight's Purple Zombies I threw at my players... and came one casualty away from committing a TPK!


  1. Oh man, I hate it when the PCs don't find the hidden loot. I sometimes feel guilty, then move the treasure to make it more easily discovered. I'm such a softy.


  2. No, no, we'll find the loot... Some day...

    I have come to think that probably one of the reasons why we come back empty handed (well... that's ignoring the thousands of copper pieces that we bring back) is that we avoid as best as we can to get into dangerous places and/or situations.

  3. Man, you guys are stoned solid. Exactly how it should be :). My compliments.