Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Esoteric Creature Generator SALE and GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

Sale first, contest below:


(Only 3 left!)

You get:

Price if you're in Europe: 15,50€ (includes 2,55€ shipping price)
Price if you're not in Europe: 18,50€ (includes 5,40€ shipping price)

Paypal this amount (in euros!) noting your address to

We've got very few of these sets (I only got 10 author copies, and I'm doing stuff with a few of them, you know?), so don't dilly-dally if you want this. No, LotFP edition Creature Generators aren't for sale separately. Yes, Fantasy Fucking Vietnam is!

But what if you don't want to pay? What if you want this all FOR FREE?

That's why we have...


This is what we're giving away (I say "we," but I mean "I." So this is what I're giving away. No, wait...):

There will be two winners, and each winner gets a full set!

Contest Details:

Detail a room in a dungeon, with some sort of puzzle/trap. It must be your own original work. Send that room description (with map or sketch if possible) to

I will combine all (well, all decent) entries into a PUZZLE DUNGEON to be distributed absolutely free as a pdf compatible with various simulacra. By entering the contest you agree to give permission to me to use your work for this purpose. I agree to use your dungeon room for only this specific absolutely free "product." You retain full rights to your work. When submitting, also note how you would like to be credited, as well as an email address or website link you'd like to have noted with the credit as well.

I will choose two winners: Best Lethal Trap and Best Non-Lethal Trap. "Best" will be judged from a combination of cleverness, ability to be engaged by description and role-play rather than a "find traps" roll, general quality in concept and writing, and my personal preferences.

Contest deadline February 28. Of this year. (duh!)

Enter as many times as you'd like.

If you have questions about the sale or the contest, leave a comment below or email me at

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