Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Fox in the Chickenhouse

We had a game today with five players, and I took a really awesome picture of "The Dungeon," but I'm not allowed to post it. Seems that even though we have permission to play at one of our players' place of employment, putting that up on the web might not be so good an idea...


But it was a fun session, bringing back some NPCs that we hadn't met in months, starting a quest to reunite with a few more...

And the big damn fight where my die rolls sucked so bad that they steamrolled the competition.

See, there was this mushroom forest in this large cavern, and at the far end of it was this brownie that kept a bunch of caged foxes. He offered to show the party how to get to the place they needed to go, but they needed to hunt the monster that had been killing his foxes...

... and that monster was a giant chicken, of course. Able to lay eggs that instantly hatched man-sized chickens ready for combat.

The shining moment was, waiting in ambush (with a lit torch perimeter to allow missile fire), the ground started to shake... just like the build-up to the T-Rex in Jurassic Park.

A bit goofy, definitely shaking the players out of "standard fantasy found here," but also a bit ominous.

And when the thing charged... I couldn't hit anything! The players' tactics to be able to pepper with missile fire, combined with an effective blinding Light spell, made sure the outcome was never in doubt. My inability to roll well for initiative, or to hit anything with a 10HD monster (blinded or no!), or to roll more than a 1 for damage when one of the insta-chicks hit... made sure there wasn't even much of a threat, either.


Next week we'll be doing a module that I've criticized in the past, and I want to see if it plays differently than it reads. This dungeon will be the way to... The Valley.

Of Howling Shadows, if I may telegraph future events to my players that read this blog. Things are about to get weird.

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  1. My vote for the best giant chicken fight ever was the one from the Mysterious Island movie. The giant crab was cool, but that 10' baby chick fought like a mutha effa. Only a rifle bullet to the head from afar took that chick-a-dee down...