Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tome of Horrors Complete + Other Frog God items up now in the store!

The Store.

The Tome of Horrors Complete is a HUGE FRICKIN BOOK. 671 pages (+ ads that I guess fill out the signature), just about 4cm thick. The usual pricing scheme had to be thrown out due to the cost of getting them over here, but EU customers should still do a bit better than ordering direct from the US.

I also now have in stock the following modules: Beyond the Black Water, Death in the Painted Canyons, Spire of Iron and Crystal (which is, despite the new cover, still one of the absolute best adventures to be published these last few years, highest recommendations), Splinters of Faith 9, Splinters of Faith 10.

Plus a good deal of other OSR stuff is still in stock so buy it all. I have books going to print this month so cash in hand would rock. :D

These are all Swords & Wizardry versions.

Remember that Gardening Society members get 1€ off all print products in the store, and 2€ off on the Tome of Horrors.

All prices include shipping for orders within the EU (only exception is France) but do not list VAT until you're logged in and an item has been added to the cart.

Because I have to get some boxes to ship them, Tome orders won't ship out until Monday. If you're in the Eurozone and want to pay by bank transfer (which I greater prefer, if that matters to you) you won't lose any time before receiving it if you order today. Placing the order reserves a copy for you at the time you place the order.


  1. One of those Tome of Horrors for me! :D

    I have been saving my Gardening Society discount exactly for something like this.

  2. Unfortunately I've realized that erm... Buying from the webstore isn't exactly the best financial choice for those of us living in the USA.

    I do like to support you, Jim, so I will probably be buying the LotFP-exclusive items (Carcosa, your awesome adventures, and such) direct, but shipping across the pond is a wee bit expensive, plus the euro is stronger than the dollar.

    Nevertheless, the store really is advantageous to Europeans, and I recommend they use that advantage.

    (You can delete this post if you want to, Jim. I'm not trying to hurt your business, just pointing some things out that I noticed...)

  3. I never really expected that people in the US would buy US-published stuff from me.