Saturday, October 29, 2011

LotFP Debuts on the Big Screen!

A 40 second LotFP promo spot debuted before the showing of The Whisperer in Darkness tonight at Night Visions!

Fumbling around in the dark with a digital camera with the flash turned off, I only managed to get two lousy pics as evidence:

Probably would have been better shots if I wasn't taking them from my seat in the third row, but what the hell, right? There were 360 witnesses for that showing alone, I don't need that much photographic evidence. :)

The ad is running the rest of the weekend at the festival. We'll get the video posted sometime during the coming week. It shows off the game's nasty bits of art (horny medusa on a 20' tall screen!), since Night Visions has the audience that would most appreciate that sort of thing...

And in the Q&A with Whisperer director Sean Brannery, my question was "How did Sandy Peterson get involved with the movie?" Which meant the guy had to explain who Peterson is and talk about the Call of Cthulhu RPG before giving the answer (he provided funding to get the movie finished).

So what did you do today to expose tabletop RPGs to new audiences? :P


  1. Indeed. Well played, sir.

    My question to Sean Brannery would have been, "Why do you have a Call of Cthulhu character name?"

  2. The question/ad combo is a perfect combo, putting aside RPG's, one of my backgrounds was in ad sales and man, that is just cherry.

  3. How was Whisperer? I'd like to see it ASAP, but even the recent showing in Chicago would have been to exesive for this Milwaukee-area boy to see. I guess I'm going to have to wait until the DVD release... Whenever that's going to be.

  4. Ya see, this is why LotFP rocks! If I ran WotC I'd pony up an obscene amount of money to get you to come work for that company.

  5. James said: "Ya see, this is why LotFP rocks!"

    I want to see why LotFP rocks! ... that's why I decided to pick up a copy finally and I placed my order the other day :)

    Kudos on the advo spot!

  6. Yeah I actually looked into movie theater advertising several years ago when I was looking to promote a Star Trek fanclub in the local area when one of the films was set to premier.

    The cost was astronomical (in the thousands of dollars) and there was no way to target the ad for the Trek film alone. You had to go the whole theater for the whole month.

    I suspect the specifics are a tad different where you are, James.

  7. Joseph - I dealt with the festival organizers to book the ad, not the movie theater.

  8. A nice idea, Jim! You should report back on whether your metrics show any impact from this marketing in the coming weeks. I'm pretty sceptical of the efficacy of traditional exposure marketing myself, and I imagine I'm not the only one nowadays that most people on the market have lived their whole lives in an advertisement-saturated environment, so it'd be quite interesting to find that you're getting perceptible results.

  9. Very smooth move Jim. Awesome tie-in.