Wednesday, October 26, 2011

GRINDHOUSE SALE (25% off Most Items, 20€ Grindhouse Box) + Distribution Sponsorships


Coupon Code: GRIND11

25% off (almost) everything in the LotFP store!*

In celebration of the Night Visions** festival happening through the end of this week in Helsinki (a horror/sci fi/fantasy/cult movie festival... real grindhouse stuff!), LotFP presents the GRINDHOUSE SALE!

From now until the time I wake up Sunday (movies run all night Saturday until about 11am Sunday, who knows how long I'll last and how long I'll sleep afterwards!), items in the LotFP store are 25% off!

Note that the Grindhouse Edition box's regular price has been adjusted for this sale so that after applying the 25% discount it will cost just 20€!

* The Fine Print:

Minimum 10€ (pre-tax, pre-shipping) purchase before the discount kicks in. Normal VAT will apply to the discounted order and normal shipping charges will apply.

EU print orders will be shipped Second Class mail under this promotion.

All print orders made using the coupon code will mail out Monday October 31.

(Tome of Horrors is not included in this sale... to cover this, the price has been increased so that the 25% discount will reduce it to the previously listed price. It'll be returned to its regular price after the sale!)

** LotFP is in no way affiliated with Night Visions beyond buying tickets to attend, by the way

Questions? Suggestions? Email or stop by the LotFP Message Board!

Spread the word!


LotFP has regular retail distribution waiting for it in the US.

The problem? Due to recent postage increases it is unfeasible to use normal parcel shipping to supply the distributors with LotFP product. But bulk shipping requires large volume, and that means a considerable initial outlay...

RPG publishing, especially on LotFP's level, is not a cash-rich business. Tons of money in, tons of money out, not much stays. The choices are basically delay releasing any product for a few months just to get the past products into the regular retail channels (and you've waited long enough for Carcosa and Isle and all the rest without making you wait longer!)... or... raise the money to do it outside of the regular sales.

So here it is. Distribution Sponsorship.

Price: 81,30€ (+VAT for EU countries...) (61€ during the sale)

For that price you will not only receive a warm fuzzy feeling, but you will also get a 2 page (A4 size) adventure, one of a kind and custom-written just for you. At least one page will be the adventure text and description (in Times New Roman 12 point font), with the other being maps and charts (handmade). This will be mailed out within 31 days of your order or your money back. (if included with other items, this will ship separately; the rest of your order will not be delayed)

If you have something specific in mind for your current campaign, feel free to leave a one-line summary that includes things like level, climate, general theme (no use my giving you a pirate-on-the-high-seas adventure when your players are stuck in a desert!), etc.

We need 19 sponsors to completely cover these costs, or 25 if buying a sponsorship during the Grindhouse Sale.


10€ (+VAT for EU countries)

Members receive a 1€ discount off all print products in the LotFP store, forever!

You will also receive a Membership Card in the mail with your name and member number. This will be sent to you with your next order (of physical goods) and can be used to claim your discount in person at any convention that LotFP attends, as well as claiming your discount on LotFP products at selected conventions where LotFP isn't there!

If you want a different name on the membership card than the name you've used to register this store account, make that clear in the order comments please.

Your account must be manually upgraded for the discount to apply; if you order other items with the Gardening Society membership there will be no discounts applied. Order the membership alone, and wait for the email stating your account has been upgraded. Only then will your discount become active on your orders.

Carcosa and possibly Isle of the Unknown will have non-free limited edition extras, and Gardening Society members will get discounts on the extras as well on the books themselves.


Because of issues earlier in the year shipping to France, we'd instituted a 6,15€ flat fee to add tracking to those orders. This fee will now only apply to orders weighing 1500g or less, because packages heavier than that will be shipped as a parcel which includes a tracking number at no added cost.