Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol

Just picked up the first two collections today.

(with the times, that's me)


Why didn't anyone tell me?

I see some... common ground here.

I think The Monolith from beyond Space and Time would be a fine and not out of place Doom Patrol adventure. And I think they'd have a "fun" time down in Pembrooktonshire.


  1. You didn't ask?

    Yeah, everyone in the world should read that whole thing. Especially the late Richard Case issues.

    The Painting That Ate Paris, the Decreator, the driver 8 thing, the Flex Mentallo arc...well the whole Grant Morrison series. Except the Stan Woch stuff--horrible ugly.

    And, of course, that issue where they had the artists draw pin-ups and then wrote the stories around them.

  2. Yes, it's probably the high point of his career; although I really did like his X-Men stuff, The Invisibles and Vimanarama, I'm not sure he's ever hit those Doom Patrol heights since.

  3. It's great stuf, that's for sure.

  4. I read it back in the day when it first came out. I liked a lot of it, and the characters were great, but by the end it just seemed like weird-for-the-sake-of-weird. The Brotherhood of Dada was cool, though.

  5. I caught the end of Morrison's run on the Doom Patrol. I'd been recommended them by my FLCS; something to do with why they kept calling me "Chief". I started reading them just in time to learn that I had a namesake in comics and then he betrayed the Doom Patrol.

    I bought as many back issues as I could but there were too few. Of course now I should be picking up the trades but I have more important things to buy.

    Personally I think that The Invisibles were the high point of Morrison's career, but if it wasn't for his run on the Doom Patrol my wife and I would never have met.

  6. If I ever get to run a campaign in Vornheim, you can bet that Danny the Street will be there.

  7. Check out his awesome "Kid Eternity" mini series if you want to see a take on the Order vs. Chaos struggle from Chaos' point of view (in a more IOT/Chaos Magic instead of Moorcockian sort of way).