Thursday, October 6, 2011

Suddenly, We Have a Deadline

I need to get things to the printer on Nov 7 in order for them to be out this year.

The plan is to get Carcosa and Isle to the printer (these have taken long enough...!), have them back around the first of December and ready to order and ship.

Carcosa will be 288 pages, deluxe hardcover (foil embossing on the cover, about 40 pages of art inside), going to be 3cm thick, looking at 30€-32,50€ on the price for these.

Isle of the Unknown will be a 128 page hardcover, full color throughout, tons of art. Looking at 20€ - 25€ for the price here depending on how we work some things.

Once the books are off to the printer I can concentrate on showing real previews that'll show some content and how the presentation will look.

Working on giving both limited edition (250) extras. The idea for Carcosa is a cloth map and a double-sided poster, both full color. Cloth map for the Isle, looking into other extras for that as well. Don't think I can offer the cloth maps for FREE, but we'll see closer to the time.

I do believe things will shake out so that there is the same shipping cost for ordering both as there would be for just ordering Carcosa (no difference between the price for a 501g shipment and a 999g shipment in the Finnish postal system)... but I won't know for sure until they return from the printer so no pre-orders... they go on sale when they arrive.

Looks like Monolith and then hopefully a flood of smaller (and cheaper!) adventure stuff for 2012. The only big-ticket item I have on the schedule right now for 2012 is Exquisite Corpses - Poag is still working on it.


  1. What will the size of these book be? I don't know proper terms, but similar to the Grindhouse books or something bigger (like the later D&D books)?

  2. A5, just like the rest of the LotFP catalog...

  3. Much lower prices than I feared; no need to sell off a kidney just yet.