Thursday, August 18, 2011

LotFP World Tour Adds Stockholm Dates in September!

I'll be off to Stockholms Spelkonvent on September 16-18. LotFP's been doing well in Sweden, thanks in no small part to favorable reviews in Fenix magazine.

I'll also be off to Tampere Sept. 3-4 for Tracon.

I'll be bringing a selection of goods from the webstore (not bringing everything, so if you have requests, speak up!) and also running games...

The Dancing Queen in Yellow for sure at both conventions, Monolith from beyond Space and Time in Stockholm.

I'll also be doing some online playtests for Monolith next month... I need to run it for 0 level, 4th level, 7th level, and 50th level groups... "For Levels 0 - ∞" will be no joke, and the plan is to not change a single stat or result or description to keep PC levels in mind.

I'm going out of town tomorrow afternoon and will be gone an entire week and will be offline. Any store orders made while I'm gone will not be processed until I return (so get your order in by 1pm Friday Helsinki time if you don't want to wait a week for it to be sent), any email sent will not be seen until my return.

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