Friday, August 19, 2011

Carcosa + Isle of the Unknown Art Preview!

Since I'm already gone for the week by the time you read this, I should put some pretty pictures here. 'cause that's how I roll, and other embarrassing catchphrases.

A Carcosa piece by Rich Longmore:
An Isle of the Unknown monster by Amos Orion Sterns:

An Isle of the Unknown mage by Jason Rainville:


  1. "Dude what did I tell you about the necessity of putting chlorine in the pool? Those chicks are not going to be DTF when they see this..."

  2. I like how both pieces of Carcosa art so far have strong sci-fi elements. Carcosa is, after all, an alien planet.

  3. I love the two pieces of Carcosa art you've previewed. More, please?

  4. I'm not sure about the Unknown Isle piece. It screams C.S. Lewis to me. Love the bug though. The Rich Longmore one is very cool though. I expect to see a Shaggoth rise from that pool at any moment.

  5. If Isle of the Unknown has a C.S. Lewis vibe by-way-of Voyage of the Dawn Treader that will be A-OK by me :)