Wednesday, August 3, 2011

HUGE Webstore Update

The LotFP Webstore is finally back up!

Here is what is currently in stock... Keep in mind I only have 1 of some of these items so you might want to check things you're interested in sooner than later...

(note: I apologize to my French customers, but too many packages sent there have been lost. French orders will now be charged a flat 6,15€ for shipping, and I will send the buyer a tracking number once the order has shipped)

(as always when so much is updated at once, if you see something odd while ordering, let me know right away!)

Lamentations of the Flame Princess
LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing Grindhouse Edition
Vornheim: The Complete City Kit
Grinding Gear
Hammers of the God
Tower of the Stargazer (9 left!)
Weird New World (12 left!)

Die Cast Games

Expeditious Retreat Press
Advanced Adventures #1 - #17
Magical Society: Silk Road
Malevolent and Benign
Sorcery & Super Science!

Faster Monkey Games
Lesserton & Mor
Realm of the Technomancer
Skull Mountain
Wheel of Evil

Frog God Games
Fane of the Fallen
Hollow Mountain
Jungle Ruins of Madaro-Shanti
Splinters of Faith #1 - 5, 7, 8
Strange Bedfellows
Swords & Wizardry Complete Rulebook
Ursined Sealed and Delivered
Valley of the Hawks
Vengeance of the Long Serpent
Winter Wood

Goodman Games
Dungeon Alphabet
GM Gems
PC Pearls
Points of Light
Points of Light 2
Random Esoteric Creature Generator

Henchmen Abuse
Anomalous Subsurface Environment

North Wind Adventures
Charnel Crypt of the Sightless Serpent

Pacesetter Games & Simulations
Circle of Fire
Death on Signal Island
Eruptor's Vengeance
Screaming Temple
Thing in the Valley

Planet Thirteen Games
How to Host a Dungeon
Purple Worm Graveyard

Rogue Games
Shadow Sword and Spell Basic
Shadow Sword and Spell Expert
Under Pashuvanam's Lush

Running Beagle Games
B/X Companion


  1. Hi Jim,

    Do the 3rd party adventures come with PDFs like the first batch did?

  2. A lot less than previously, unfortunately. The products should all be marked "Print" or "Print + PDF" as appropriate.

  3. You are now officially the European OSR distributor. And it is appreciated...some things I've been wanting to pick up for ages but couldn't justify the postage from the US.

  4. I picture James sitting in a shadowy room, lounging in a skull-laced throne, kept company by boxes of OSR inventory/booty piled floor to ceiling...

    ; )