Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Carter Holmes Desperately Wishes to Die...

...and if he can not convince the PCs to kill him outright, he will further tempt them. He will point out that eating parts of his brain will imbue some of his magical knowledge in the devourer.

Ten brain bits may be picked from Holmes' head before he expires. If a piece of brain is consumed, roll on the following table to determine what knowledge is gained from it...

Sorry, I'm on the jazz hard for adventures now, and I've got time to work, and I thought I should feed little (brain) bits of what I'm working on. That bit is from the Monolith From Beyond Space and Time.

And for the adventure that will need dancing rolls, it has been suggested to me that high Charisma and low Wisdom are both useful in dancing. What do you think?

It's a shame it's taken this long for follow-ups to the Grindhouse Edition to come out, but forcing things out before their time is no good.

The Weirdest is yet to come.


  1. Don't get the correlation between Charisma and dancing? Were Churchill and Hitler known for their dancing? Surely it's a Dexterity thing!

  2. This dancing is for a specific purpose. Someone's getting served. Charisma absolutely fits.

    Besides, Churchill and Hitler might have been fabulous dancers. Surely they weren't complete wallflowers at social functions?

  3. Okay, that's cool - I took it as dancing in general.

    And yes, Winston and Adolf may have cut a rug, but - as far as I know (which isn't very far) - it wasn't a featured part of their skill set ;)

    Now Baryshnikov, Astaire, Nureyev etc would have had high dance-related Charisma... but were also very agile, hence the need (I feel) to take into account Dexterity.

  4. I could see default Dancing skill being (Charisma+Dexterity)/12 rounded up.

    That way, someone with about average Charisma & Dexterity, but no dance training, would have a default Dancing skill of 2. So they'd dance well enough about a third of the time.

    But someone with extremely high Charisma & Dexterity could have a default Dancing skill of 6. So they'd dance well enough almost all the time.

    And even somebody with abysmal Charisma & Dexterity would still have a default Dancing skill of 1. So even they would dance well enough about a sixth of the time.

    But I don't think Wisdom really does have much to do with dancing. I think the idea that low Wisdom is useful in dancing just sounds truthy because it's amusing. But, like so many things that sound truthy because they're funny, it's not actually true.

  5. Carter this inspired by that Norwegian Death/Black Metal guy that killed himself and his band mates made jewelry, pottery, and various other ornaments of his skull fragments? And let us not forget some kind of funky soup of his brains? That guy? Him?

  6. No, not based off of Dead, at least not consciously.

    The Holmes character and the brain-eating comes from wanting to have some source of forbidden knowledge in grand Lovecraftian style without it resembling the Necronomicon in any way.

  7. Dance is sometimes used as a kind of ritual or means of connecting with spirits or the divine, which sounds like the work of a which case a high wisdom would be appropriate(?)

  8. And Constitution would be useful for vigorous dancing.

    And Strength would be useful for strenuous dancing.

    And Intelligence would be useful for choreography.

    So maybe default Dancing skill should be (Charisma+Constitution+Dexterity+Intelligence+Strength+Wisdom)/18 rounded up.

    But I'd probably still make it just (Charisma+Dexterity)/6 rounded up.

    (I realized that I screwed up the math in my previous comment.)

  9. I thought about it some more, and now I think default Dancing skill should be (Charisma+Dexterity)/6 rounded DOWN.

    That way, it'll be only 1 for anybody with Charisma+Dexterity less than 12. And it'll be 6 only for characters with 18s in both Charisma and Dexterity.

    I think that makes more sense.