Monday, August 15, 2011

Disappear for Two Days and Look What Happens!

First, the important stuff: I was at Jalometalli over the weekend. Was down front and center for Cathedral, playing a 90 minute show on their farewell tour. Saw Entombed. NAPALM DEATH! Fun time.

The funny moment: One of the musicians I knew from over the weekend (who shall remain nameless for his own protection!) came up to me and gave me a great big hug... and then gives my wife a great big hug and starts speaking to her in Swedish. He hadn't gotten the memo that my current wife isn't the same woman I was with when he met me in 2005. aaawwkkkwwaarrrdddd

Got the "Are you Jim from Lamentations? OHMIGOD" treatment from someone with exhortations to release another issue. I really should, if I could shit more time for myself. I'd get into all these festivals for free, receive more free CDs from the people that actually still send free CDs to zines, and get some death threats going again since you role-players seem to actually like what I write. You bastards.

While in Oulu I also did an interview for a Spanish RPG zine. Rodrigo's going to transcribe the interview and translate it for his audience. That's hardcore.

The life of a famous person on the road, you know? I need a bigger entourage.

I now have a close-to-finished Carcosa layout in my possession... still need to go through and assign final illustrations based on that layout. Current estimate is going to be about 45 pages of art over 288 pages.

Isle of the Unknown's artwork is finished barring a couple of revisions. I have a feeling layout for this one is going to be a nightmare.

Signs of life and new samples from Exquisite Corpses in my mailbox!

I have a feeling all of these are going to get finished at once and I'll either have to gamble on 30000€ in printing at once or then artificially delay some of the books...

ahhh, almost-finished Monolith cover art. What a busy bunch of minions I had over the weekend. :D :D :D

I'll be at some remote cabin from the 19th to 26th and will not have internet access. Store orders made during that time will be shipped after my return. Assuming the wife and I aren't butchered by some maniac in a hockey mask during that time, I'll return with a completed The Dancing Queen in Yellow manuscript since there's going to be fuck all else to do there.

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  1. It was a very fun interview. I hope I'll do it justice. ;)

    And don't dare to get back from that cabin without The Dancing Queen in Yellow finished!