Thursday, July 29, 2010

What Does the RPG Section of Your Local Game Store Look Like?

The store just over the bridge At Puolenkuun Pelit Espoo has a section that looks like this:


  1. That's such a pretty picture, I had to put in on my facebook. Man, if only every FLGS had a shelf like that. :)

  2. I want to go shop there. Please send ticket. ;)

  3. In case someone has trouble seeing what's on that shelf, here's a left to right and top to bottom list:

    People of Pembrooktonshire, No Dignity in Death: The Three Brides, Death Frost Doom, The Grinding Gear, The Tower of the Stargazer, Weird New World, Hammers of the God.

    Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG.

    D&D miniatures

    Expeditious Press modules.

    Mythmere, Black Blade, Pied Piper, Brave Halfling etc. modules, Knockspell magazines.

    Pathfinder RPG and Pathfinder Chronicles books

    Warhammer Fantasy 3rd, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, D&D 4th PG, Dragon Age RPG.

    Al, you are welcome any time ;)

  4. Mr. Raggi,

    I have to say that there are no true FLGS near me! Well, there is ONE decent game store in Southern NJ, USA...but it's not LOCAL! I have to drive quite a distance to get there (probably over 30 minutes). I don't consider that local. So the place is friendly but not local (FGS). There may be other stores I don't know about, but they are surely not conveniently located near me! Perhaps you could come visit my state and kick some a$$ and intimidate people into opening some stores!

    Enough of my LAMENTATIONS ;-)


  5. Ah.. Expeditious RETREAT Press of course.

  6. What I use to try for was a stocking level an inch deep and a mile wide.

    Seems they are using the boutque style of desplay lots of prodsuct face forward with multipule copies of te items behind. This sets upa cost per square foot where they about 12 square fett but use 36 fett of display space.

    Store we used to have would hae had a mini and dice section close to the cash wrap with displays for the high thief items.

    There set up is very similar to barnes and noble and borders.

  7. I wish. Mine has everything BUT OSR stuff. They had James M's Cursed Chateau once but I bought it, even though I already had one. They never restocked. Hackmaster Basic is as close as they get to old school.

  8. Not as much OSR stuff in my favorite store as I'd like! Nice display!

  9. I wish my local store had a display like that. Or even just half as many RPG's on it.

  10. If you could imagine a shelf that is the opposite of that, you'd be describing my LGS.

    I would love to see any of that stuff on the shelves, but as such, my only hookup has been Noble Knight and a handful of other sites.

  11. For over thirty years and through two owners Aero Hobbies in Santa Monica is hands down the worst as far as use of space, cleanliness, and selection in the entire Western Seaboard (Ok, I've only ever been to around 4 game shops, but it is worse than those).

    A lot of these places seem to always be hanging by a thread financially, so they really need to get off their asses and make their shit look decent (like in the pic).