Saturday, July 24, 2010

There Is No Old School Renaissance

That these items, and dozens more like them in PDF and print, have been published in the same general time frame bya multitude of publishers is a complete coincidence. Honest.


  1. What is that book laying flat, second to last, next to the Dungeon Alphabet?

  2. You left out the phrase "after nearly a decade of no releases for games compatible with pre-1985 systems of DnD." I think the before and after pictures are necessary as a comparison, a substitute for a control group in the experiment to prove the hypothesis of existence.

    verification word: shist. As in, "no shist."

  3. Don't you just love folks who cover their eyes and say "I can't see anything"?

  4. nice display

    good luck & many sales @


  5. The first rule of the Old School Renaissance is that you don't talk about the Old School Renaissance.
    The second rule of the Old School Renaissance is that YOU DON'T TALK ABOUT THE OLD SCHOOL RENAISSANCE!

    verification word: mockmagi...seriously.

  6. I pretty much made my decision on what to pick up on your table in Kaubamaja by this picture, I was quite suprised by how much was actually stuffed in to the little box of the Weird Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

    The Dungeon Alphabet and The Random Esoteric Creature Generator I have been mulling over a long time whether to get or not.

    I have spent pretty much the whole evening reading the both editions of Creature Generator. Good stuff, good tools, and challenge my earlier perceptions on what D&D style fantasy could be.

  7. Seeing your creation amidst a pile of other great books is a joy to behold. :) I wish you the best in your endeavors and keep up the good work!