Thursday, July 29, 2010

Spanish Review of LotFP Weird Fantasy Role-Playing!

Very graphic-intensive. I kind of wish that they didn't spoil the "hidden messages" inside the box, but ah well, they paid for it and I guess they can show it off. The maps to the included adventures are shown, and that may well be spoilery, so beware! I guess if you've already bought the thing, or know you will, you might not want to look at this because it may spoil the wonder of popping open the box.

If you're one of those weirdos that like to be an informed consumer before laying down your money, well, here you go:

First part.

Second part.

Conclusion: "Creo sinceramente que es una buena compra."


  1. Yes, the people at Aventuras en la Marca del Este are very efficient, sometimes too much... ;)

    I'm surprised since I'm finding out much more interest for the OSR in Spain that I was aware of... I'm very happy today. :)

  2. Very cool. It really looks like a great product.

  3. Aventuras en la Marca del Este is probably the most important rpg blog in Spain. Good reviews from that site is always good news. ;)

  4. James, that is the most beautifully done OSR product yet.

  5. Boy, am I glad my browser gives me an automatic pop-up "do you want to translate". Translated, some of the English becomes a bit funky, but at least its readable.

    Overall a very positive review.