Monday, July 12, 2010

A More Considered Response

Read it.

Kask obviously disagrees with things I've said, and I don't mind that at all and I find such disagreements healthy. But he seems to completely misunderstand other things I've said to the point of utter incoherence.

I had typed out a 3000 word response, but this personal sniping is horseshit and there's no point in doing so over blogs and the internet. Escalation won't help.

There are people out there who support what both "sides" are doing and are wincing at this situation.

I ask one of them to act as a go-between. I'd like to talk to Kask. On the phone, on Skype, whatever is most convenient for him. I'll eat long distance charges, I'll make myself available at any time, day or night, at Mr. Kask's convenience.

The disagreements will likely remain disagreements, but I hope to at least clear up any misunderstanding in a personal manner.