Saturday, July 24, 2010

LotFP Demo Results at Ropecon

Says the guy running demos for me while I was in the vendor room (Kaubamaja):

"A straight 8 hours of refereeing can be a bit draining. Tired, but well fed now. Top marks for the guy who's fighter got eaten by a grey ooze. He immediately stood up, walked over to kaubamaja, bought his own copy of the game I was demoing, returned to the table, made a new character, and continued exploring."

I remember that guy. I was wondering why he was in such a hurry and not interested in my sales pitch for bundle discounts. ;)

Since a lot of people (relatively) had already bought the box, and a couple people had already run Tower of the Stargazer yesterday, I do believe it was Finch's Tomb of the Iron God that was being run in the demos today.

Someone, he can say who if he likes, ran Death Frost Doom as a regular event today as well.

5 more hours in the vendor room tomorrow and then I do a panel and then home.

Up to 104 individual pre-orders, 96 distro/vendor orders, a couple dozen Ropecon sales so far, plus the freebies means the print run of boxes is 1/3 spoken for.

Monday starts the mega-mass mailouts.

ENNies voting ends tomorrow, so VOTE Grinding Gear for Best Adventure and LotFP for Best Publisher!

Pre-order the game now or forever hold your "shipping included" pricing.

Time to get back to packing and addressing orders. No rest for the wicked...


  1. Ah, what fun! Hope you're having a great time, Jim! We have to get you to Gen Con next year, come hell or high water!

  2. Normally I find people's convention reports fairly dull, but this has been an interesting trip, thanks James.

  3. hey take some pictures and post them, man...

  4. No copies at Gencon. I don't believe that my product would meet their "standards" due to nudity on the cover, and with everything else going on leading up to Ropecon I didn't have the time to find out for sure.

    Funny thing is, my banner is bright and noticeable so kids have been very interested in it. Nice seeing kids pointing and smiling and the parents smiling too. I can't help but imagine that situation would play out quite differently in the US.

  5. I wont have money for it tell tuesday :(

  6. Regarding my demo at Ropecon, I thoroughly enjoyed running it, as did the players, two of whom stayed for the whole duration, and would probably have kept playing through the whole evening. This conversation from the table during the game:

    Player #1: "Um.. when was that other thing we were supposed to go to starting?"

    Player #2: "Two hours ago I think."

    Also, the Otherworlds miniatures I got for my time are simply awesome. Cheers!

  7. Me and my pal were gonna demo new products of Ironspine and just test LotFP if there were some extra time after that, but got into testing it LotFP first afer all. To be honest, the best decition we made that day.

    Since I've started out with D&D3.5 and moved to other games like WFRP 2nd edition (3rd now), Reign and some free form releases, I found the system somewhat familiar and totally engaging.

    LotFP was my first touch to OSR and I really enjoyed my 8 hours of demoing to the full. As navdi implied, I was really a bit of sad when our time was through and would really have preferred it to the Trail of Cthulhu we did that evening. Thank you navdi. My fighter died a noble (and stupid) death.

    Also, my apologies to Jim for not listening to you. I really didn't wish to lose any precious gaming time. I really should have listened to you. I did buy No Dignity In Death later tho.

    Overall, thank you.

  8. Tynnyri, thank you for attending, and hope you get much enjoyment out of your own LotFP game sessions, which I hope to hear about at latest at next year's Ropecon. :)

  9. Hoping for the same. I might even blog it. If not, lets try to meet up at next year :)