Sunday, July 18, 2010

LotFP Order Totals So Far

After three days:

63 copies ordered by individuals (with orders totaling 131 items), 40 ordered by vendors so far (but I haven't gotten numbers from what I expect to be the two largest vendors/distributors yet). 50 will be going to IPR.

Ropecon starts Friday. We're ready.

Contributor and other comp copies go out tomorrow. Orders start mailing a week from tomorrow.

Zak has said a few words about the game here.

Amos has posted a couple of art pieces from the game here.

Have you ordered yet? I'm telling you, when the reviews start coming in, you're going to be sorry that you waited to order. You'll look at the review and think, "I could have had it in my hands already."

Seriously. ;)


  1. What's the license going to be for people who want to make stuff for it?

  2. That's another one of those things that I haven't gotten to yet. It'll be a pretty loose license though.

  3. James, do you happen to know what IPR will be selling the boxed set for?

    I'm trying to figure out if it'll be cheaper (in terms of shipping and the currency conversion) to wait a few weeks and get it from them, or get it directly from you.

  4. IPR will be priced at $65, plus whatever their shipping is. The retailer price is unfortunately keyed to the general price I set, and so far I've sold a lot more to stores through IPR than individuals.

  5. I would have given you my money sooner, but you were all like "No, I don't wanna pull a Dresden." Luckily, paycheck day fell next to pre-order day.

  6. Congrats, man. Hope sales trends stay strong--you've definably put your work in and stuck with it.

  7. I better get it in gear and order it this week. Before VAT jumps any higher...

  8. hell, i ordered the first day using my iPad. Jim may have a loud mouth, but it is attached to a very talented mind ;)

  9. Congrats on getting this done! I hope it does really well for you.

  10. Has anyone posted the Ernie Chan artwork? I see you did get it in!

  11. Glad all the hard work is paying off. Living the dream, man.

  12. Arg! Too many things broke this month - breaking me and the checking account until 7/31...

    Roll 1d12, add 1 for every day after today.

    1-11: There are still copies left, get one pronto!
    12+ : you're screwed.

    verification word: strangl - very appropriate.