Monday, January 10, 2011

Skype Games (on the 12th, 14th, 19th) Update

So this is what I have penciled in:

Wednesday January 12, 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern
Aberrant Hive Mind

Friday January 14th, 6pm Eastern, 3pm Pacific
Jeff Tillotson
Joe the Lawyer

Wednesday January 19th, 6pm UK time 8pm Helsinki time
Carter Soles
Andreas Davour
Spawn of Endra

If this is wrong, post in the comments and I'll update as necessary.

Still looking for another person for the 14th (maybe two as one there is a "tentative") and a couple more for the 19th.

For those that are playing, my Skype ID is jimlotfp. Add it sooner than later. :)

I'm off to bed now, but I'll post the Grindhouse Edition character sheet tomorrow. Everyone should be able to make their own 1st level characters based on that (only real difference is the updated skill list for those making Specialists). I have updated Cleric spell lists to send right now and pre-gened starting spellbooks for Magic-Users and Elves can be send a few hours before gametime. Otherwise everything's close enough to the Deluxe edition where using the currently available box set or PDF will work just fine.

Any questions?


  1. Still tentative Friday but pumped.

    Convince my son to be placid and we upgrade to probable.

    Convince the wife to... can't broach publicly ;)

  2. If the Friday slot is still open, I'd like to jump in. If not, I could conceivably play on 1/19.

  3. Do we have to register at Dragonsfoot? If so, can you tell us where to click once we've done that?

  4. I also may require some guidance around Dragonsfoot. Other than that, seems clear!

  5. Ahoy Jim, can I sign up for the 1/19 game? I'll be drinking coffee rather than wine, but that will no doubt add to the weirdness.

  6. I registered the other day to check it out. The chat link is difficult to spot but found pretty much where you'd expect to find it.

    right below the banner on the top it says:

    Dragonsfoot Chat [Click Here] ( X users in chat)

    I'm guessing that's the zone. Also a moderator needs to approve your registration so sign up early.

  7. Cool. I've registered on DF and just awaiting approval. See you Wednesday!

  8. "Do we have to register at Dragonsfoot? If so, can you tell us where to click once we've done that?"

    It's probably the dicebot in Dragonfoot's web-based chat.

    Once you register, go to the forum. There's a link at the top of the page (under the banner) that says "Dragonsfoot Chat [Click Here]". Once you go into one of the rooms (and presumably we'll create a private room for the game), you can issue commands to the dicebot like:

    /roll 3d6

  9. Just registered on Dragonsfoot, waiting for approval.

  10. You should record these sessions, I'd be interested to hear them. If having spoilers out there is a concern, perhaps mp3s could be packaged with the PDF of the module or something like that. Just a thought...

  11. Here's a question I should've asked back when I was helping edit the book: Is there any mechanical advantage to being a magic user instead of an elf? Other than a few saving throws?

  12. Yes.

    The advantage of the elf in one-shots became apparent after the release of the box... in long-term play the XP requirements even things out I think.

    I fiddled with several options for making the elf the not-so-obvious magic choice for one-shots, but basically it'll come down to this: Magic-Users are men that use magic, but elves are magical beings. That will make a difference when it comes to some of the cleric spells - as you'll see when I send along the updated spell descriptions later on today.

  13. @jimLotFp
    I should've kicked the tires a little harder on that--sorry.

  14. Had a great time! Thanks for hosting!

  15. Yea, big thanks for running the adventure. bummed I had to pop out after the 4 hour mark, needed to head back to the family by 9pm. Curious as to how it ended. Mahalos!

  16. Still room in the Jan 14th game?

  17. Looks like we still have a spot for today's game.

    Everyone playing should roll up a by-the-book character. Email me the stats. Let me know if you're playing a Cleric, Elf, or Magic-User so I can send you the updated spell details.

    I'll be on Skype about a half hour before the game starts.