Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Fine Eye for Detail

I just noticed not five minutes ago that there are two people on the cover of the Goodman Games edition of the Creature Generator.


  1. Hey, found a great product at 50% off at my local supermarket... Panda licorice. It's from Finland, and it's about 1/100th as offensinve as the average LotfPuker product. Give it a go! It purports to be raspberry flavored, though it contained no raspberries, only wheat, citric acid, and "natural flavors" (though it does taste vaguely like raspberries). Kind of like LotfP. Tastes a little like D&D. Until you think about it for a minute...

  2. I think there is three instead of two, the warrior in dark armour, the unlucky bastard being buried under the creature and the third one is the cloaked figure watching high from the mountain, you see him just over the bend in the creatures tail.