Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Rich Longmore

Some more interior art for the Grindhouse Edition was just delivered. Among the goodness:

It's good to have a bit of slice of life atmospheric art in the set and not just a bunch of slice of flesh stuff.

You can see more of Rich's work here.


  1. The funny bit is that I'm studying there:

    It's the main building of Glasgow University, drawn from the East Quadrant, in front of the Chapel.

  2. I especially like the way he did the sky.

  3. Ah, he's the artist who's illustrating the re-issued line of Lone Wolf gamebooks. I adored the LW series back in the day. Joe Dever taught the world how to construct an excellent solo rpg book series. Having browsed Mr. Longmore's site, his work is excellent, and a good re-imagining of the Lone Wolf villains and heroes.