Friday, November 13, 2009

They Never Forget a Grudge. But What if They Are the Ones Who Did Wrong?

The Old Miner's Shame

While the Insect Shrine is still in playtest and the Grinding Gear makes its way around the world, this is the project I'm working on. I've done quite a bit with dwarves in my home campaign, and even though a lot of it was very longtermplotty, there were quite a few individual locations that are interesting all by themselves.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this project here or if it was elsewhere, but the name may or may not change. It's simple and direct, but something nags at me about it. I could get all floofy (you know, "Lamentations of the Flame Princess" level floofy) but that just doesn't seem very dwarfy, does it?


  1. Like the name (enigmatic,suggestive, redolent of dread and menace), really like the logo.

  2. From the logo, I'd say that the Old Miners are a bunch of pinko bastards.


  3. From where I'm sitting, it's the totally opposite of simple and direct.

    What's in this adventure?

    Death Frost Doom:
    Ah I see, a grim horror thing in a cold place. Sold!

    Insect Shrine:
    A dungeon featuring weird people who worship bugs or else a temple run BY bugs. Either way--Sold!

    The Grinding Gear:
    Why would a medieval thing be called "Grinding Gear"?--I guess because it has traps. So it's like a meat-grinder dungeon. Ok--Sold!

    The Old Miner's Shame:
    Ok, so there's a miner. Is that exciting? Well, so, there'll be mining? Do I care? And they're ashamed? Like "they delved too greedily and too deep"? Then that's ok, I guess--I saw that movie. Maybe there'll be treasure. Or is it they have some secret and it's a detective adventure? I don't know. I do know. However, that there's adventure next to it on the shelf that's called Escape From Demon Mountain and I'm pretty sure I know what that;s about...

  4. Well, you're right, in that the name is a bit vague from the outside (but would be seen as fitting after reading the thing).

    A new idea has hit me, but I need to get permission to use it as a name. Or at least it would be courteous to do so. It'll probably not be as clear as crap titles I've thrown around like "Into the Halls of Regret" and such, but...

    If the answer I get is "Yes," I've got a title I'm not changing. :)