Friday, November 27, 2009

The Grinding Gear Chart Positions!

The wreck that was Thursday is done, and Friday is looking much much better!

The Grinding Gear has cracked Noble Knight's Top 10, and both RPGNow and DriveThruRPG's Top 40.

This with only 3 of what should end up being over a dozen reviews posted, and since the French and British shipments aren't for sale yet (the Finnish vendorpeople should be here in quarter of an hour to pick up their copies) I haven't even announced the release anywhere but here.

Not bad. So far so good. The best is yet to come. blah blah blah.

Buy a copy or three, will ya? :)


  1. As it happens, I placed an order for all of your print releases through NK yesterday! I was buying Barbarians of Lemuria, saw that GG was in stock and realized that I'd liked the PDFs so much, I should grab them all as one last present to myself before turning to Christmas shopping. Congrats!

  2. If you got the PDFs and then went on to get all the books... you are hardcore. Thank you. :)