Friday, March 13, 2009


I'd planned to go "dark" for March and concentrate on a couple of projects (one to not be announced until it's finished and submitted, the other Insect Shrine) and get them all set to go (artist says after final exams in two weeks, the final two pieces will be done... we shall see, and if it's true, I want to hit the ground running on it and stop all of the completely deserved and justified sniping I get over it... I am dying to put out my own ideal of How It's Done and it's got to be right - something that both the Creature Generator and FFV release experiences will help with).

We see how well that plan went.

Main reason I wanted to concentrate on this stuff now is because I know I have a tendency to pile myself under a million projects because I see that I have time and I have this illusion that it's 2000 and I'm able to block out the whole world and just write 24/7.

Green Devil Face is something I want to nurture (get your submissions in!) and with the end of March target for submissions, I want some of this other stuff cleared out so I can do some justice to it. Just need to remember it's got a more specific purpose than the big zines right now and not to get depressed as it starts slow. :D

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  1. I'm eagerly anticipating Insect Shrine, as well as The Treatise of Ensorcelled and Occult Primeval Accoutrements for Classic Fantasy Role-Playing Games And Their Modern Simulacra.

    A thought regarding both of them, as well as any future releases: Eschew the OGL and explicitly make them for A/D&D. Consider Chaotic Henchmen Production's new module, The Fane of Poisoned Prophecies. It is NOT published under the OGL, and it boldly calls itself an AD&D module. So far, so good!

    (link to module: )