Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 31 Approaches... You Will Be Swallowed by the Green Devil Face!

The deadline for submissions to Green Devil Face, the zine of traps and tricks to drop into your own dungeons, is March 31! Then I can start dealing with the people that made submissions and deal with things like formatting and such. Cross fingers that the release date won't be any later than mid-April.

If you want a copy of Fantasy Fucking Vietnam, I'd get one rather soon. When Green Devil Face goes on sale, FFV is going to be "reskinned," so to speak, as GDF #1, with a cover and new introduction. Aside from being a rather odd commentary about online "old school" politics of the time (oh so long ago), it was set up as a 'funhouse dungeon' not to have a cohesive adventure to run a group through, but to have a lot on individual neat bits that could be stolen... and that had absolutely no relationship to each other. The idea wasn't "Pay some bucks for my incredible wit!" It was "Pay a few bucks for this little idea mine... and the wit's on us!" (of course, the amount of actual included wit was subject to debate...)

With Green Devil Face going forward and being a bit more clear about what it is (with no "scene politics" for the new material... well, deadline's not up yet so no scene politics yet!), I thought I'd slap a fresh new coat of paint on the previous release. And since it's looking so far like the new GDF will be in the 10-15 page range (barring a huge flood of submissions of course), there's a chance that the two of them together could still be in the minimum postage fee weight. It's going to be as inexpensive as I can make it, but there's not much I can do about postage costs so anything I can do to make that postage cost go as far as possible...

The good news for me is I got a booklet stapler while in Sweden (for a fraction of the cost they sell them for here in Finland) so I can do everything in-house. Did a few test booklets this morning (you should see my sweet Holmes booklet now!) and they look just fine.


  1. I'm feeling dim. Are you saying it will be impossible to buy FFV with GDF #1 or that GDF #1 will have all the content of FFV? Or what? My plan was to buy both items when GDF #1 came out.

  2. Tight, I'm looking forward to this one. I have a hard time designing traps and tricks.

  3. Ah, as usual my writing is clear as mud. :P

    FFV is going to get a new cover and new intro and be re-released as GDF #1. Do not buy if you've already got FFV because it's got no new material in it.

    The new material, for which the submission deadline is the 31st, will be released simultaneously as GDF #2.