Monday, March 23, 2009

An Arneson Quote

"The most fun was when the players were stuck about what to do next. Some of the discussions were priceless!"

I don't know what it's like when you guys run games... but I agree with this. When the players decide to do something, then oh god, I have to manage resolutions and select/invent/pretend to know which rules to use and everything prepared after that point might have to be altered to take current actions into consideration... work, work, work!

But those times when players are not sure what to do next and are arguing amongst themselves and selling outrageous plans and strategies to each other... why, I'm having so much fun that I often don't even look at those wandering monsters dice I'm throwing!


  1. I belonged to a group that would argue plans for 1-2 hours before doing anything.

    In the moment, it was fun and involving...but then everyone realized a lot of time was being needlessly wasted.

    Finding the balance is key.

  2. Yeah, if it goes on too long, I have to start reading them dice. But... well... sometimes I'm lucky and they're doing it in a secured location! In that case it's all on the players. I'm ready to go when they are. But sometimes... they ain't ready. :D