Monday, March 23, 2009

Open Game Table is Out Now!

Ad copy from The Core Mechanic:

"Open Game Table aims to bridge the gap between the RPG blogging community and the broader table-top gaming fan base by showcasing the best talent in the RPG blogosphere. Within these pages are 47 blog posts from 32 top-quality RPG blogs, plus a Foreword written by RPG luminary Wolfgang Baur. After six months of hard work, I am very happy to say this anthology is finally here for your enjoyment!!!

Packed with the best in RPG blogging and over 60 illustrations, this book is Pure Gold. The anthology chapters cover a wide variety of topics for fans of all table-top roleplaying games, including:
  1. Play Style;
  2. Game Play;
  3. Characters & Players;
  4. Monsters & NPCs;
  5. Encounters, Settings, and Locations;
  6. Adventure Design;
  7. Campaign Setting Design;
  8. Classes, Action, and Equipment;
  9. RPG History & Commentary; and
  10. The RPG Toolbox.
This anthology is the result of the hard work of nearly 100 volunteers, authors, editors, judges, artists, and designers. A true grass roots effort; it is a tour de force of the RPG blogging universe.

The book is shipping from Lulu Marketplace and for $22.95. Soon, it will also be available from Indie Press Revolutions."

I've got two articles in there ("Guide to Adventure Writing" and "Is This How D&D Is Supposed to be Played?"), and other names you're familiar with (Maliszewski, Bowman, Rients) are also in there. It's almost kind of pointless promoing a book about exposing the blogs to general gamerdom in a blog (we know already!), but it would also seem weird to just ignore that it's out. My local game shop stocks some things through IPR so it might be cool seeing something of mine on an actual retail shelf, and if this project has any feet, it would be worth it just to get the West Marches essays out there.

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  1. James.. thanks for the bump! I'm currently working everything out with IPR - they would already have their stocks, but for some reason Lulu does not recognize IPR's warehouse as a real address. So... a bit of a delay for distribution. Hopefully I'll have it worked out by the end of the week.