Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Have a Forum

Not that I've used it that much, but it is just sitting there, so if anyone wants to talk about anything even tangentially related to this blog or my RPG writing or anything at all that might seem to make sense together with the terms "LotFP" and "RPGs"... go here.

For an added bonus (and perhaps a source of embarrassment; I haven't looked at these posts in many years) you can search to the beginning of the forum and some of my RPG thoughts from 2003 or so when I was putting my own game together...


  1. OK, so, like, what is the difference between and I figured the former had been abandoned or some such thing, but it turns out content is still being posted there. Is the blog obsolete, then? It's not exactly getting updated regularly, is it?

  2. Also, are we ever going to get to see your game?

  3. The metal blog was an experiment in making it easy for other people to add content (plus there was a bit of fear late last year that my website would be going away entirely). Aside from one guy (who I consider a work in progress), it really wasn't being used, and archiving is simply messy on a blog, so I've just said hell with it and am using the site itself and updating that now with new content (a band returned an interview and I just got that posted).

  4. As for my game... I have just one hardcopy left of it (if they haven't thrown it out, there would be I think 20 people with playtest copies from 2004). This was before the simulacra, before I just decided to play old D&D. I was making a game that would *do* D&D without being D&D (it was a d6 + skill level opposed roll system).

    So the game is likely pointless and posting would just be an exercise at 'point and laugh.'

    Or it would just be completely ignored.

    Or, worse, someone might like it and then I'd have to deal with some little mutant work that I did that I'm not interested in following up on.

  5. So the game is likely pointless and posting would just be an exercise at 'point and laugh.'

    Isn't that what we're all doing here anyway?

    Really though, there's no reason not to make these things public, anyway - always good to have more stuff to mine ideas from (knowing you, they'll be a few entertaining rants in there too). As for the other things, (a) I at least would read it, since I all but collect free game PDFs, and (b) write something like 'For historical interest only, I will delete any emails on the subject' on the PDF in big letters as a watermark or something.

    If you need further incentive I will send you a Doom level I made in 2005 - I'm pretty sure I know where it is. If you don't want that, I've got some BASIC code on the HDD of the 486 in the garage which is 2000 vintage. It doesn't do anything but there's swear words in it. Perhaps some other people have some old crap as well?

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