Friday, October 31, 2008

White and Nerdy

I forgot it was Halloween today. Didn't realize it until the roommates started getting in costume. They just walked out the door to go to a party.

Me? I'm formatting a 200 page pdf file I downloaded so I print it double-sided (I need to flip the pages manually) and eliminate all the art and borders and "graphic design" (so my printer ink doesn't die so quickly).

... and I think I'm going to have a better night doing this than going to a party.

(I don't drink and don't handle being around drunk people very well.)

I'm also glad I didn't finish that "Is D&D really a horror game?" post I started working on when I got home this afternoon... would have been too cheesy to put that up on Halloween. Fascinating to me that Grognardia hit on a couple of the points I had prepared... ah well. Maybe Tuesday or Wednesday for this one.

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