Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Oh Happy Day(s)!

Yesterday, the first Clark Ashton Smith volume published by Nightshade came in the mail. I read a few of the stories... I'd forgotten the passage I first read here, but man oh man does that hit hard.

Today's mail brought Carcosa (I just had a digital version previously) and A. Merritt's The Moon Pool.

Now to see which of the three will inform my gaming the most.


  1. Is that "The End of the Story" collection? If so, I just finished that volume a few weeks back it and it blew me away.

    I has read some of CAS in various Cthulhu Mythos collections over the years, but that was my first real taste of the man.

    The Abominations of Yondo left me with the desire to shoe-horn that strange land somewhere into my campaign setting.